The freedbirds’ network is a global and ever-growing network of tested-and-proven talents. It comprises some of the brightest minds in today’s communications industry. We’re talking multicultural, multilingual, multitasking, multiskilled, and multi-awesome people with an innately inventive mindset. They might not share the same working space, but they surely share the same passion for unbounded creativity and impactful work.


Graphic Designers


Graphic Designer

Hi there,

My name is Romeo, and Graphic Design is my Juliet.

I’ve had a love affair with the intricate details of design and advertising since more than 22 years. I do all kinds of image retouching, social medial platforms, posm, outdoor, print & packaging. Photography is my hobby.

Looking forward to making your projects amazing.

Motion Designers


Motion Designer

Hello there! I’m Maram and I’m a design fanatic from Saudi Arabia who loves everything about design, both moving and static. Combining my love of artistic aesthetic and the power of words enables me to create a memorable style. My culmination of life experiences is shown through my work, revealing the enthusiasm and passion I work with. I believe that humor is the key to leaving a lasting effect on people, so my designs tend to hold a comical side that brings positive energy to everyone consuming it.

Art Directors


Art Director


My name is Kholoud. I got my Advertising Design bachelor degree from Multimedia University, Malaysia, in 2015.

Graphics and creativity are passions that keep me motivated and hungry to do more. I like everything about the field but manipulation, infographic, designing reports and documents and creative ads are my favorites.

In my free time, I love doing photography, writing and fashion styling.

Brand Strategists


Brand Strategist

I am someone who is fascinated by the human experience with all its emotional, psychological, behavioral and creative aspects. Authenticity is one of my highest values, and when it comes to the marketing communication process, I believe that authenticity is a culture that can positively impact every component of the brand communication process and the business as a whole. Authenticity pushes you to dig deeper to find more meaning, beyond the obvious insights and behaviors. It unifies the business internally and it ensures that customer value is always at the heart of its strategy and communication.




I’m Lynn, and I am in love with words since my youngest age. Over 20 years of career, I discovered that the pen, or more accurately in my case, laptop keys, are mightier than the sword. Words influence, and influence brings change in perception and attitude; for me, that’s just magic. With a Sociology & PR Degree and an extensive experience in Communications, Advertising, Strategic Thinking and Events, I have a holistic approach to copywriting and enjoy breathing life into the dullest of texts. I am obsessed with details and love working with brilliant minds with challenging briefs. Words are not just my profession; they’re first and foremost my life’s biggest passion. Let’s tell wonderful stories together!



Hey there,
I’m Tuleen, A.K.A Tutu, A.K.A. Tuuts, A.K.A the giant with curly hair, A.K.A a girl with many names…
There’s a lot you can say about me, but until you meet me, you’re missing out on my essence ;-). I’m a dreamer, an optimist, and a storyteller unlike any other. I have the ability of seeing things through a child’s eye, and bringing that magic to reality through my writing. That’s not to say that I can’t be serious when need be, just that in a world where things are so black and white, I like to surprise you with a dash of pink every once in a while.

Content Creators


Content Creator

Hi, my name is Ranna and I’m a bundle of energy and all around good time! I love good food, laughter, and happy people. I’m not only an amazing writer and content creator, having been one of the head writers in Saudi Arabia’s Takeshi’s Castle show; but I have also taken the theatre stage by storm with my impressive acting abilities!
If ever they were to remake the show Mad Men with an all female cast, I would most definitely take lead! My motto in life is ‘One Dream, One life’, so you can rest assured that there will always be passion in the work that I’ll develop for you!

Brand ID Designers


Brand ID Designer

I’m a talented branding identity designer! And I have my very own personal brand called, Oelfaramawy, because… well why not name a brand after my name :)?
I love my family, video games, and football! And I absolutely love, and I mean LOVE, coffee. So much so that 75% of my blood is probably made up of caffeine. Hey, if anything, at least you can rest assured in knowing that I’ll always be alert when working on your project!

3D Designers


3D Designer

My name is Junaid, AKA Juni, AKA, Mr. Always on time!
I’m a 3D generalist and visual designer. Throughout my life I’ve accomplished many great feats, most memorable of which are the Gold and Silver Cristal awards that I received for my work back in 2014.
When I’m not working hard and winning awards, I like to unwind with painting, or sculpting, or even farming believe it or not!

Film Editors


Film editor

It’s gonna be hard for me to summarize my magic in one short bio. I’ll try my best…
I’m a dancing, singing, film editing, masterpiece with a heart as big as my dreams! I find a passion, pursue it, conquer it, and then move on to the next big thing! I’ve developed my own personal brand called Big Heart, have taken lead in editing countless renowned films, and have even won the STEAM award for innovation back in 2018. Impressed? My friends think I’m a real life mythical creature, a physical embodiment of pure and unadulterated talent.

Agency Producers


Agency producer

Hey… my name is Marianne, but you can call me Poum Poum Pidoum… try saying that fast three times in a row.
I’m a TV producer by day, and an entrepreneur by night! I’m also the co-founder of ‘a dinner thing’, the first secret dining club in the region, as well as a creator in clay with my own line of experimental ceramic work called Unearthly Ceramics – follow me on instagram people. I’m a chocoholic, fearless, go–getter (probably from being fueled by too much chocolate). On top of that, I’m a mom, a musician, and I’m ecstatic to be a part of this wonderful endeavor!




I am mainly an illustrator but I also do graphic design, motion graphics and photo editing. I really enjoy adapting to different projects that require different skills and different style of illustration and design, each time.

Other than that, I love tap dancing, playing ukulele, reading, traveling, and board games.



A brand strategist, graphic designer & illustrator. I’m a one stop shop for brands straining at the leash.

I’ve been a freelancer since 2010. Before that, I worked at top ad agencies, such as: Grey Worldwide, JWT, FP7.



Hi! I’m Layan, a product designer and illustrator.
I enjoy little things like listening to music, sipping on a milkshake for hours and expressing myself through creating art.
These little, happy and heartwarming feelings you get from a simple & peaceful passing day is exactly what I want to give back to the world through my art. I dream of owning a little place where I spend my time creating magical things and sharing it with you all.
Hoping my work inspires you to create & express yourself creatively.


Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like your brain worked differently from everybody else’s? Maybe at times you were made to feel bad about your differences? Whereas other times you celebrated them. You’re the wild one, the odd one out. In a world of daisies, you’re the vibrant red rose with unapologetic thorns! A typical 9 to 6 won’t work with a free spirit like yours. You desire the liberty of working anytime, and anywhere!

If you feel connected to all that has been said; then we'd like to pick your brain every once in a while.

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